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Mission Statement

The Lawrenceville Neighborhood Alliance mission is to help
Lawrenceville become a signature city.

Our Goals are to:

- Provide a communication network among the residents
who live in the City of Lawrenceville.

- Provide relevant and timely information about what is
happening that can impact our quality of life.

- Provide a unified voice to the city council of local and
city-wide issues.

- Focus on QUALITY OF LIFE and sustainability of the city.

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January 3 - 6:00 pm - Downtown Dev. Authority meeting

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January 18 - 5:00 pm - City Council work session

January 23 - 6:00 pm - Zoning Board of Appeals meeting



Grayson High School senior works with Lawrenceville PD to host ‘Bridge the Gap’ forum

By Cailin O’Brien
Jan 13, 2017

Ephraim Kum, 18, worked with the Lawrenceville Police Department to establish the first Bridge the Gap forum.

Grayson High School senior Ephraim Kum wasn’t comfortable just watching clashes between the African-American community and the police across the country this past summer.
He wanted to do something.
“ I pictured a summit where people could discuss the issues of race and police engagements with African-Americans in a safe and productive and peaceful manner,” he said.

The 18-year-old began working with Capt. Tim Wallis from the Lawrenceville Police Department in the fall to create the department’s first Bridge the Gap Forum, which will take place next week.

Kum’s race and police activism in Lawrenceville began when his parents refused to let him join the protests in Atlanta after a rash of controversial police shootings across the country.
“ My friend Annie and I wanted to go down to Atlanta to participate in one of the marches, but both our parents concluded it was too unsafe,” he said. “So we decided to do something local.
He said about 142 people showed up to the peaceful sit-in he hosted.

That’s when he met Wallis, the police official he called several months later when he came up with the idea for a race discussion forum.
Now, Kum is ready to host another peaceful group of people.
“ And here we are, a week away from the forum,” he said.
Residents will gather Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. on the fourth floor of Lawrenceville City Hall in the council chambers to talk to a panel made up of two law enforcement officials and two civic members. The panel will also take feedback from the residents.

The whole discussion should last about two hours.

Wallis said he’s looking forward to the open dialogue between his department and the community it protects.
“ I hope there’s communication and relationships built that would foster an understating of what we do and what their feelings are,” Wallis said.

The discussion will be moderated by public affairs specialist Jeff Dickerson, president of Dickerson Communication.
Kum hopes it ends by changing a few minds.

“ My hope was that it would just promote a desire of collaboration and peace in the community,” he said. “And that it’ll spark future forums and other collaborative events to happen in the future.”
That last hope seems to be coming to fruition.

“ The Lawrenceville Police Department expects to host future forums and continue building a dialogue to bring the community together,” Wallis said.

For more information on the Bridge the Gap Forum, visit



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Lawrenceville Neighborhood Alliance

It's Time to Spring into Action! 

According to City of Lawrenceville Councilman Bob Clark , there are a dozen good neighbor practices that promote harmony and pride in our community. These practices keep our neighborhood clean, neat and enhance property values.

Good practices make good neighbors. 

1. Smile and wave to other drivers or pedestrians.

2. Keep speed in the neighborhood under the speed limit of 25 mph.

3. Place trash for pick-up at the top of your driveway on the evening before or day of pickup. Pick up newspapers each morning.

4. Retrieve garbage cans the afternoon of pickup and store out of sight.

5. On a weekly basis, mow and trim around trees, driveway edges, and the street curb.

6. Keep your home and mailbox repaired and painted. Place house number so that it is visible from the street.

7. Park only on hard surfaces in the front of your home and on hard or gravel surfaces to the side or rear of your home.

8. Keep your driveway in good repair.

9. Do not park routinely or overnight on neighborhood streets.

10. Park work trucks at work, no in residential driveways.

11. Keep radio, television, or powered music sounds inside your home or very low outside your home.

12. Store household or yard care equipment and material out of sight.

Good practices make neighborhoods shine.

Interested in being appointed to one of the City's boards or commissions?

A number of citizens have expressed interest in being involved with the planning and operations of the City. If you would like to be considered for a seat on one of the City's boards or commissions, fill out the on-line application here.









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